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Simplify your life


Imagine having a simpler lifestyle.

Where you define what goes with you and you build your way to a more congruent life.
You can get it at your own pace and without neglecting that wonderful thing that makes you be you.

Welcome to La Morada Simple


I am Magy –minimalist in possessions, maximalist in experiences–, and I have made this space a place to share my fascination to simplify and my perspective on leading a simpler and more detached lifestyle.

Please, feel at home.

I want to inspire you to pursue a simpler, more conscious and intentional living. But above all, congruent with your essence and your minimalist progress.


One of the main problems by which we forget our essence - or leave it in the background - is due to a phenomenon called stuffocation. Stuffocation occurs when we fill our home and our lives with things we do not need, to the degree that we allow ourselves to be...

Minimalist Makeup

I've been asked for my beauty basics for some time now. But if you wanted to know what makeup I use, I'll disappoint you because I haven't wear any makeup for years. Why don’t I wear makeup? Simply because it is not my thing. But if you like it and you want to...

You deserve it

Today I want to give you a gift, a message: You deserve all the joy and love you desire. And I'm not telling you because it's Valentine's Day or a special day; I'm telling you because you deserve it. You carry light within yourself and you deserve light in your life....

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